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Should All Bridesmaid Dresses be in the Same Style?

Traditional wedding ceremonies were held under a sacrosanct entity. Since white symbolizes purity, at earlier times the bride and the bridesmaids adored purely white dresses on the auspicious ceremony. However, recent fashion trend has slowly erased the tradition to follow white dresses on wedding ceremonies. Now-a-days, even red bridesmaid dresses have become a worldwide fashion and styling sense that are used across the world.

Wedding style – traditional and modern

The wedding style of modern era has not changed in its heart. The true spirits and sanctity of wedding event is even followed with grace, presently. However, with consumerism coming into the forefront, the event has taken a gorgeous appearance. Time and again, wedding events have turned into a show of wealth and status, apart from having a true spirit of faith in the heavenly bond between a man and a woman.

With style statement incursion at every stage of human life and added glamour quotient in modern ceremonies, wedding and reception parties have completely transformed in this modern era. Simple rituals and vow exchange is carried out with great pomp and show, with the bride appearing to be princes and the bridesmaid as her associates, in designer dresses.

Modern brides take the liberty of wearing fashionable mix-n-match bridal dresses that also prompts her bridesmaid to select similar fashionable apparel. In most recent wedding ceremonies, bridesmaids are often seen in various colorful, yet contrasting dresses that entirely vary from the one that the bride adores. This also helps to distinguish the bride from the rest of the crowd.

Recent trend of bridesmaid dress

Recently, there is a trend going round where the bridesmaids are dressing in contrast to the bride, which is a diversion from traditional approach. Even there is no uniformity of dressing style and design among the bridesmaids. The variety of dressing apparel for the bridesmaids also adds color and glamour to the wedding party.

Latest fashion trends also seek special dresses for women according to their physical attributes. This factor also played a vital reason behind non-uniformity of dressing style among the bridesmaids.

Women with distinctive figure looks stunning in dress apparel that are specially designed for them - like dresses for apple figure, hourglass figure, pear shaped figure etc. All women having such type of distinguished figures appear attractive on specially designed and different dresses. This styling sense has practically played an important role to introduce diversified dresses for bridesmaid in modern day wedding ceremonies.

In addition to this, variation has become the mantra of the hour. As a result people have started to bring in variation at every stage of life. Wedding ceremonies are no exception. Similar dresses on bridesmaid merely look dull in modern marriage events; as a result their dressing variation is introduced to sail with the flow of changing times.


Although there is no mandatory rule to bind all bridesmaids in same styled dresses, yet one can certainly follow the traditional dressing system. However, introducing a mixture, through diversified dressing style of individual bridesmaid simply makes the occasion more colorful.

Post by Sherley Mori

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