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Important Rules Regarding Bridesmaid Dresses

The most important factor about selecting perfect bridesmaid dresses is to pay heed to your bridesmaid’s choices. After selecting the group of bridesmaids you will discuss with all of them to know how they want to dress themselves. Mention your wedding theme to them and know what they suggest to wear according to the theme. This will make half the job done and the end-result will be also satisfying because due to the group work you are able to choose the dress pattern and style that suit the entire group perfectly.

To make it more simple, you can refer to the magazines or books where the bridesmaid dress designers share their valuable opinion on the same. Follow this guideline, listen to your bridesmaids’ suggestion and then decide what type of the dresses they should wear on the day of wedding.

Rules are Changing:

Earlier, the general rule was that all the bridesmaids have to wear same colored dresses. Moreover, not such variation was noticed regarding the style of the dresses. Well, at present experts suggest that brides can choose different color or pattern of the dress for the bridesmaids to add a dash of different colors to the wedding. In fact, when the brides wear same pattern of the dress, it looks like some uniform and seems that they are attending a formal occasion. A few couple though choose formal wedding theme but in such occasions also bridesmaid can wear sophisticated dresses available in light colors like off-white, pink, lemon yellow, etc.


Count on Bridesmaids’ Age:

Don’t ignore your bridesmaids’ age while selecting yellow bridesmaid dresses or other color for them. The group will combine both junior and middle aged girls and you have to choose the right color or pattern of the dress that best suit the age of the individuals. For example, it is not a good idea to select strapless and gown style bridesmaid costumes for middle-aged girls. Actually, these don’t flatter their body language as it does for the junior bridesmaids.

Similarly, it is also important to present the junior bridesmaids with the style of the costume that fits their age properly. Gown style costumes, Full length, off- shoulder costumes are perfect for those junior bridesmaids.

When all Of them Are Young:

However, if all your bridesmaids are young then you must select a kind of dress that best match their age and style statement equally. These youngsters will actually look best if you choose something appealing and engaging for them. Knee length frock cutting costumes are the best for these bridesmaids. Let them wear slim frocks, which are stitched on comfortable and fabulous fabrics like georgette, chiffon and silk. Ball gown is another type of the dress that looks pretty on the young girls being bridesmaids.

Consider the Season:

Cheap bridesmaids dresses are generally ordered a few months before the day of wedding and thus one should be careful to remember the wedding season while placing the order. You should choose fabrics and patterns that will comfort your bridesmaids, along with flattering their body type. During winter wedding, you may need to use a jacket or any other such accessories to beat cold and should select fabric accordingly so that it can complement the bridesmaid costume perfectly.

Post by Sherley Mori

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