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How to offer correct body measurements when buying prom dresses?

It’s important to keep things in mind when shopping customized size prom dress online. If you think some professional tailor’s words such as bust size, waist size, hips size and hollow to floor sizes are not easy to understand, this article would help you to get the meaning.

To Measure the Bust Portion:

To take proper measurement to order one from prom dresses collection you must start with measuring the bust .While measuring this portion don’t wear your regular bra but an another one. Be relaxed while giving measurement and stand straight keeping your shoulder and head in same line. Ask the person to keep the measurement tape around your back and then round it crossways over the fullest portions of your breast. While taking measurements do not forget to use a pen and paper. Write down each portion on the paper and the measurements for those respective portions.

How to Measure the Waist Portion:

Before taking measurement of this portion, you need to know perfectly which part of your body is called waist. Here you have to measure the smallest portion of the waist that is just 1 inch above the belly button. Place that tape over this natural waist portion again and move it around. Try to keep the tape a bit loose as breathing room. Don’t hold your breathe while measuring this portion; rather be normal to help the person take perfect measurement.

The Height of the Costume:

In order to measure the height of prom dresses go bare feet and stand straight joining the feet together. Take the tape at the top of your head and let it drop down up to floor. Now measure the height without holding the tape tightly.

Measure the Hollow to Floor:

Once again, stand bare feet, joining them together to measure the hollow to floor of the prom dresses. This is to measure the perfect length from the hollow, especially the hollow within the collarbones up to the floor. The process of measuring the hollow to hem is also the same, as here you have to keep the tape on hollow within the collarbones and measure up to the leg hem you require. Your prom dress measurement is now complete and do not forget mentioning these measurements properly while ordering a dress from KissyProm online.

Post by Sherley Mori

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