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Choose from Popular Color Schemes for Weddings

Wedding rituals are considered to be auspicious. However, everybody tries to go a step ahead to make these moments most special in their lives. Setting vibrant color schemes for wedding always bear an added attraction for the ceremony and lend it a variety to cherish. Bridesmaid dresses are also designed suiting exclusive themes in wedding ceremonies of modern era.

Are wondering about how to select the perfect color combination for any upcoming wedding ceremony and make it a grand success? Just check out few raging color schemes that are running popular in wedding ceremonies recently.

Popular color schemes contribute largely to set powerful vibes throughout the wedding ceremony. It is quite crucial to keep focus on chosen theme of color. Take exclusive steps to ensure that all things for the wedding are coordinated correctly to suite the event. While arranging wedding sessions on specific themes, it is an absolute necessity to take minute account of all informal and formal considerations of both the marriage and reception events perfectly.

Choosing relevant color schemes and favorite shade

To start with, select your favorite shade for the color scheme of your wedding. Plan to set the entire venue of wedding and reception based on your favorite color – drapes, decoration, flowers, chairs, linens, invitation cards etc. a combination of various vibrant colors can also do the trick, instead of any particular one. This would certainly offer a variety in the mood. You can also choose from a wide range of cheaper bridesmaid dresses and combine them with the mood of the ceremony. Recent raging combination of themes is as follows –

Gray and Coral color themes

Yellow and Pink color schemes

Gray and Coral color schemes

This wedding color theme is raging the present world, bringing in an extraordinary soothing touch of coral reefs of the tropics. Gray even matches with the soothing color of coral like nothing else. Bridesmaid Dresses with such combination would definitely lift the spirits of the ceremony to great height.

Gray and coral hue over the wedding dress o the bride and bridesmaid would make the entire venue lively. Choose the drapes of coral color at strategic positions to give an impression of ocean waves. Even slight wavy movement of the drapes due to wind would turn things on, making a perfect illusion of seashore or underwater scenario.

Yellow and Pink color schemes

Girls go dreamy around anything pink in color. Therefore, it is quite natural that they would like the color to be added on their wedding themes. Certainly, a perfect combination of yellow and pink would lend life and warmth to any wedding party in this chilled season.

You can consider to arrange the wedding venue with a touch of light pink hue. Select the drapes, tablecloth, linens and even the uniform of catering personnel having shades of pink. On the other hand, choose your bridesmaid dresses as a soothing contrast to the entire wedding arena.


Recent trend to arrange wedding ceremonies on numerous themes have been a craze of modern times. However, the events lend curiosity among the guests also and make the entire event appealing and applauding as well. Check through a number of dresses for the bridesmaid before placing final order for such dresses online.

Post by Sherley Mori

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